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Without a doubt, wedding is one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

To keep a lasting memory, you made the choice of a professional photographer, who immortalized this important day in a report delivered on USB media. But what could be more touching than to put these memories on paper?

It is on a Wedding album that photography takes on its full dimension. The emotion begins there: Open your album and feel the grain of the paper under your fingers. Live and relive the course of your day with the same intensity despite the passing years and as you turn the pages. Discover details that you have not seen on the big day and have yet been immortalized by your favorite photographer.

Those memories will not wither, they are engraved!

An album is also a legacy that is transmitted and shared with loved ones. Remember the photographs of your ancestors, albums you enjoyed reading together. Remember the stories your parents or grandparents told you about one or more pictures. These photos have a soul and a charm that could only be transmitted through an album.

The wedding photo album is the purpose of the photographer’s work. Creating emotions through my photos is essential. Make you live and relive them with the same fervor throughout your life through this support made me an accomplished photographer.

I want to offer you an exclusive service, and elegant products, so that your photos extend the magic of your Wedding. That’s why I include in my wedding’s packages a “Story” album.

L'album ``Story``

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Le ``Coffee Table``

Albums Photos