A wedding in the Chateau du Bois d’Arlon

A wedding in the Chateau du Bois d’Arlon

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Lynn ♥ Jérôme


This year I had the opportunity and the chance to immortalize several weddings at the Château du bois d’Arlon in Belgium. I love this domain, its castle, its park and its small chapel. A classy and full of charm place to celebrate this type of events.

I let you discover some of the wedding pictures of Lynn and Jerome, which took place last July. I loved to spend this day with them.

From preparations to late evening, it was a beautiful day under good mood, relaxation, emotion … with the motto SMILE. In addition, the sun was there that day. What more could you ask for?

Each one, on their side, helped by their respective loved ones, the couple prepared themselves in the Castle. The advantage with these reception places is that they have rooms allowing the bride and groom with their guests to stay on site the day of the festivities

After the religious ceremony which took place in the church of Ell, in Luxembourg, we made the pictures of couple in the park of the Château du Bois d’Arlon. The lovers were especially comfortable in front of my camera. They get along wonderfully and do not necessarily take themselves seriously. A child’s play for them, and a pleasure for me to capture these moments of love, happiness and complicity.

After a half-hour shooting, the couple joined their guests near the castle for the cocktail. The time for me to discreetly photograph the guests and make the group and family photos, more formal but important exercise.

Original, is a qualifier that also corresponds to this young couple. It is indeed the first time I attend a dance and a song interpreted by the bride and groom as a ball opening and I must admit it was pretty impressive … 🙂 I could not close this Day without taking a few snapshots of this crazy atmosphere and the energetic choreographies of the bride and groom and their guests. The dancefloor heated under their feet.

Réception : Château du Bois d’Arlon Traiteur : Paulus DJ : Deejay Deelexx

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